Here at your brand in print we are not accepting new print orders starting Monday! We will only be producing plain face mask and custom face mask for the next three weeks! If you do need print it needs to be ordered via website with the rush fee applied or order will be refunded! There will still be a 7-10 business day turn around the rush fee is to pay our employees no is for running your orders during this pandemic! Plain face mask are $12 double sided with filter assorted colors if you choice a specific color $2 additional Custom Printed mask are $20 @youngsirthemovement mask are $15 character mask(Batman,Superman)etc are $15! 3-5 business day turn around! Whole sale order 100 assorted colors 7-10 business day turn around $7.50 Custom printer $12 100 minimum free shipping on orders over $50 $4 to ship anywhere in the USA under $50

About YBIP

Since 2013 Your Brand In Print has been providing high quality and cost effective print services to small businesses and the general public. Originating in DetroitMichigan solely as a T-Shirt printing business Your Brand In Print has been able to expand its services and  footprint to several states such as TexasFloridaIllinoisAtlanta, and Ohio. After seeing the shortage of black owned printing companies, they decided to challenge themselves by offering full service printing services. Since the expansion they have been able to print for Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine Red Carpet Events, Charlemagne the GodJess Hilarious, and a host of other local celebrities in various states. 

They have recently opened their second store front inside of The Stash House Culture Shop located in DetroitMichigan. Clients will not only be able to place and order, but also pick up their products from the location. Going forward they plan to offer marketing, web development, entrepreneurial, and print courses to those who are interested in embarking on their own journey as a business owner. 

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