I am Mr. Young Sir

Press Kit

As a young child growing up in the hood (ghetto), reflect on what you saw right outside your door, most of us will have the same answers. Drugs, death, prostitution, gang violence, and single parent households are all some of us knew, and for most of us, its all we will ever know. Getting stuck in the “dysfunctional cycle” is very easy to do, because you get use to “hustling” to survive. By the time you realize that there is something bigger out there, your already preparing for retirement, and what memories have you created to reflect on?(None) Being Products of the Ghetto, is not a tragedy its a badge of honor, it shows that we not only survived but succeeded, so now its up to us to help the next generation do the same. That “Crab in the Bucket” mentality has no place in our organization, if we work together to work independently, we can all thrive!

Not all stories have the same beginning, middle, or end, but that’s what makes each story unique. Our Unique Brand Apparel represent the the struggles of the ghetto, for every black and brown child in the world. It was created to open the minds of young children. We want them to understand that not everyone has to walk in the same line, at the same time. So sometimes you have to take a chance and choose your own path, to allow others to see your greatness!

Our Businesses Matter

YSTMovement advocates for milestones in the black community. We collaborate with several black businesses each year, to produce epic events with healthy networks. The circulation of the black dollar is vital to our future empires and legacies!

Successful Intellectual Rockstars 

By continuously working with our kids of the future, we introduce them into the world of entrepreneurship. We teach them how to OWN a business instead of how to WORK for a business.

2019 – present – Clean the Brooke Project, Cleaning up the neighborhood
2018 – 2019 – Sponsored 2 Prom Send offs
2014 – present – Chance 4 Change Community Fashion Shows, Detroit, MI and Houston, TX
2014 – present – Neighborhood Service Organization, Feeding the homeless for Christmas
2014 – 2016 – (10) $1,000 Scholarship for high school seniors
2014 – 2016 – Community Basketball Team at Tindal Recreation
2014 – 2016 – Math & Reading Tutoring at Bowe Elementary/Middle School
2012 – present –  Cast Core Doors, Feeding the homeless and cleaning the neighborhoods for Thanksgiving
2010 – present – Adopted 50 families